"Connection reset by peer - ssl connect"


cat unicorn_stdout.log

{“severity”:“ERROR”,“timestamp”:“2020-05-27T03:55:01.769Z”,“pid”:28294,“progname”:“omniauth”,“message”:"(ldapmain) Authentication failure! ldap_error: Errno::ECONNRESET, Connection reset by peer @ io_fillbuf - fd:36 “}
{“severity”:“ERROR”,“timestamp”:“2020-05-27T04:39:28.071Z”,“pid”:29870,“progname”:“omniauth”,“message”:”(ldapmain) Authentication failure! ldap_error: Net::LDAP::Error, Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect"}

Hello at first.
Please can you successfully run ldapsearch againt the LDAP server from the Gitlab host with the option -Z?
If you car using a custom CA, try to add it to you Gitlab host trusted CAs.
You can also increase the debug level to have more insight in the cause of the error.

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