Contact System Administrator to add domains and certificates

I’m trying to add more domains to my user gitlab pages. It’s just a regular account, not an organization. I am unable to because I get this message:

Support for domains and certificates is disabled. Ask your system’s administrator to enable it.

Anyone have any ideas?


I’m having the exact same issue. In case someone for gitlab is looking at this, it’s the following repo: Other repos I have seem to be fine so it’s a bit interesting.

I’m having the same issue - custom domains and SSL is disabled for a repository. Is it possible to add custom domain for a website on gitlab pages?

Just went to add the custom domain name for our groups page and ran into the same problem. Hoping this is just a bug and it gets fixed on Monday.

Same issue here. The page settings for the repo assigned to my my doesn’t allow adding a new domain. New repos doesn’t seem to be affected by this*

Support for domains and certificates is disabled. Ask your system's administrator to enable it.

I’m having the same issue. It worked last week. Could it be due to the Cloudflare leak?

Seems to have been fixed, I can now add domains again.

I’m encountering the same issue with my repository. Any chance to have someone from the GitLab staff have a look at this?

I am also facing the same problem. Only on my user page (, not my project pages (