Contacting another user

I’d like to change my user name on gitlab to the name I use everywhere on the web, but the name is already taken.
The account in question signed up for Gitlab in 2016, but has no activity at all.
I’d like to ask her/him if I can inherit the username.
Is there a way to directly contact another (non-active) user on Gitlab?

@habi There is currently no direct message feature, though there is an open issue proposing this. If you’d like to see that implemented I’d recommend upvoting that issue, adding any comments to the discussion there that you feel may be missing, and subscribing to it for updates.

You might also check out this potential workaround here.

Thanks for the pointer to the open issue.
I have no idea on how to access the API, so I just upvoted the issue :slight_smile:

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