Container Registry docker buildx support

Does the GitLab registry UI support multiarch images buit with docker buildx, or do I have to add options to docker to allow gitlab to parse the image correctly?
I get the same behaviour as specified in 227558, my problem is that the image itself is perfectly fine(i can pull and use it, docker inspect after pulling shows a normal digest with the correct architecture), but GitLab does not show any real Information apart from the hardcoded messages as shown below. It also does not allow me to delete the “wrong” images from the registry (clicking the overall DELETE does give back a normal success, but after a refresh nothing happens.

Here is the relevant part from the pipeline:

    stage: docker
    image: docker:19.03
        - name: docker:19.03-dind
          command: ["--experimental"]
        - docker buildx create --driver=docker-container --use
        - docker buildx build --cache-from type=registry,ref=$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:cache --platform linux/arm64,linux/arm/v7 --cache-to type=registry,ref=$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:cache --push -t $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:latest

The ui looks like this:

The GitLab version is self-hosted V13.9

I’m running into the same issue… Any updates?