Container Registry Docker Connection Error

Hi! I’m having some trouble accessing the container registry from the GitLab UI. Currently, I’m running an instance of GitLab EE 16.1 in an Azure k8s cluster, launched from a Helm chart. I’m able to push images to my registry as well as log into it using Docker CLI. However, when I open the container registry page in the UI from a project, I’m presented with a screen that says:

Docker connection error
We are having trouble connecting to the Container Registry. Please try refreshing the page. If this error persists, please review the troubleshooting documentation .

For reference, this is the section of my yaml values file that deals with the registry:

  enabled: true

The only thing I could think of that may be causing this issue is that I am using rather than, Unfortunately, changing the host in the yaml doesn’t seem to actually result in the registry host URL changing and I’m not sure why. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!