Contribution Calendar

Hi everyone - I’m planning on implementing the same contribution calendar used by GitLab (when you go to a user’s profile) to one of my private projects.

I found this project: but it’s no longer being actively maintained - and when I tried it, the labels are being clipped and is only partially displaying while the legends don’t get displayed at all.

I’m aware that GitLab uses d3.js for building the contribution calendar and this is the closest example I could find but I’m having a hard time understanding how to customize it.

My question is - is the way GitLab implementing the contribution visualization just using vanilla d3.js or are they using an open-source project that I just haven’t found yet? Mind pointing me to the right direction?

EDIT: I’d like to keep it as close as possible to how GitLab has it implemented today because I like it more than any of the links I provided - I’d probably only need to change the colors to match our theme and the hover title to say projects awarded instead of contributions.

I just made this search and it seems like GitLab uses cal-heatmap-rails.