Controlling the "greediness" of a runner

I have several runners (each capable of running multiple workers/jobs at once) across multiple machines. My pipeline has stages that contain multiple/parallel jobs. Sometimes, a runner will get “greedy” and try to run all of the offered load from a stage by itself (instead of letting an otherwise idle peer take a job).

Is there some way to meter the frequency that a runner checks for new jobs to run or otherwise control the rate that it bids-on/takes a ready job (in hopes of allowing an idle peer to successfully bid on said job)?

I was searching for the meaning of check_interval in /etc/gitlab_runner/config.toml when I came across

I still haven’t found out what that setting actually does, but I think that might come closer to a solution to your problem, but for now that issue might be a little interesting, even though I don’t see how it can help you.

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What I was looking for, and what might help is

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