Corrupt Wiki

My wiki is corrupt?

I was running an old version of gitlab for ages and the wiki worked fine. I “upgraded” to 7.6.2 by building a new server side by side and migrating the git repos, effectively adding the new gitlab server as an additional repo and pushing to it. So it is a clean install.

The wiki I migrated by copy and paste. So effectively brand new, it was corrupt the day after I created it. 500 error.

Going to the CLI I tried to repair the git repo for the wiki but could not.

Is there any known issues with 7.6.2 with wiki ?

I have no need to retrieve the data, I am happy to wipe the wiki and start again, can I just kill the git repo for it ? Not sure how to proceed here.

Can you pleas look in you logs when the 500 Error occurs?
That way we can narow down what the problem is.

I killed the server and transferred the repos over in the end.