Could be ".git" end removed from local file repo path?

I don’t know how, or I couldn’t find where is specified. There is a way to remove de .git ending on directory name of a repo?.

When I download de zip, tar.gz, I need that de directory give exactly the name without .git, so A repo named test, should have a repo path (if my repos are in /repos) /repos/test not /repos/test.git and when I download any zip the directory has to be test not test.git.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Well. I think I have not writed well.

Obviously, I can do it manually. I want that GitLab by default do that when I create a new Project.

Thanks and best regards.

did you found any workaround of your problem ?

No. I have not founded it.

Our Git Lab is out of date. Our version is: 7.13.5. I don’t know if this problem have a workaround on latest version but, by the moment, we can’t do nothing other that decompress and recomprres changing directory name manually.

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FYI: I’m using 8.2.1 and the downloaded filename does not contain “git”.

Ok thank hozawa. Good to know. I will ask our system adminsitrator to update or Gitlab.

Best regards.