Could not read from remote repository http only

Hey guys,

i’va been searching for a while for this now, but i only found the problem the other way round, so i’ll ask for help now.
I use a gitlab installation on a vServer with my own domain. It works perfectly, except the fact, that i cannot do any operation (clone, push, pull, etc.) with the https url. It asks me for my password, accpets it, but then just says: “fatal: could not read from remote repository”. ssh works fine tho, thats the weird thing, i just found people having problems with ssh and changing to http works. Since i really do not want to add a ssh key for everyone, i hope you can provide any solution for my problem. If you need any config file or something just ask please.

Some general information:
vServer with own domain
changed ssh port to non-default, added this to gitlab config, the web-interface provides the correct ssh-link
using https for the whole gitlab installation
everything works fine in webinterface and over ssh, https doesn’t

Thanks in advance