Coverage Badge shows "unknown", but artefact available


first of all excuse my bad English - I’m not a native English speaker. I’m new to gitlab and new to CI.

I’m running a pipeline on a nodejs project using nyc Istanbul for code-coverage. Works fine and the job

code quality job

creates a json artefact (coverage) which I can download.
By looking at the json-file for me it seems that the regular expression

^All files\s*\|\s*(\d{1,3}(?:\.\d+)?)

is working. Doing code-coverage local I get following output:

However, my badge shows “unknown” as coverage status.
Do you see anything I’m doing wrong here? Any help is appreciated.

Ps.: my project is internal - if it should be public to get help easier, I can set it to public

Thanks in advance

Issue ist solved - it was a combination of error in package.json script and regex. Using a regex tester was useful and reading output from jobs is a must :wink: