CP866 encoding trouble in web-interface


I’ve installed GitLab CE Omnibus at CentOS 6 with this quick guide. Everything went fine.

When I use GitLab with “Git for Windows” through command line - everything still fine. But because we totally noobs at this and we want to use web-interface I’ve tried to upload/edit files through it. And at this step I faced a problem. You can see it here:

As you see with plain text there are some strange symbols. It appears, I think, because source file in CP866 (DOS) encoding. Because with command line I can pull \ get files correctly it seems that GitLab working properly and problem in web-interface. Or GitLab can’t send correct data to my browser or my browser (Mozilla) can’t handle with data in CP866 encoding.

How I suppose to fix that?

up! still need halp!

Sorry I think I won’t help. However, it seems I am facing a similar issue.
We use gitlab for latex versioning. We use ANSI encoding on our local machine, and we want some people to edit directly in the gitlab web editor. When we commit from there, the encoding of the edited file is changed to UTF8.

I will post another message with this issue, maybe someone will help…