Create a Pages website from a forked sample => 404

I followed the tutorial to get started with Gitlab Pages based on forking a preconfigured project (GitLab Pages examples / jekyll · GitLab).

  1. I forked the project
  2. I checked that Shared Runners is turned on (it was already turned on)
  3. Navigated to => 404
  4. I changed the project name to and set the path extension to (step 3 here: Websites for your GitLab projects, user account or group | GitLab)
  5. Navigated to => 404

In Pages settings, it says

Your Pages site is not configured yet

even though the project should be preconfigured (because it’s forked from an example).

I also noticed that trying to navigate to a Gitlab Pages site when I’m not logged in leads to an automated check “checking your browser before accessing” and redirects me to a sign-in page. Why would I have to sign in to view a public Gitlab Page?

Turns out the deployment failed because of a Ruby dependency issue. I switched to a different template (Hugo) and it worked.