Create a release with nice URLs to assets

Hello. Is there a way to create a release and upload the project’s build artifacts as “assets” instead of “uploads”?

Sounds confusing. The reason I make the distinction is because the source code seems to be called an “asset” and has a useful URL like this.

The above URL is nice because it tells you what tag this resource is for. This makes it very easy to write a shell script to download something, for example.

On the other hand, “uploads” have a not so useful URL like this.

You get a giant hash like this. I can’t tell what tag this resource is associated with. It’s not as user friendly and intuitive as a git tag.

Ideally, I’d like to have a Go repo, create a tag, build binaries, and then upload the binaries to that tag’s release, with a nice URL.

This way people could trivially write scripts to update to the next version by replacing the tag with 1.0.1, for example. Is this possible in GitLab?