Create gitlab one time scheduled pipeline

One Time scheduled pipeline

We have a platform, and the platform has many different components. Leveraging gitlab API you can coordinate a merge to master to trigger a production deploy.

In this case scenario, what if we are using master as the staging env, and we are using tags as the release references.

Want to be able to use the API to create a tag(already possible) and then schedule the pipeline to run with certain variables (already possible), but a one time event, instead of a scheduled, by providing a date.

This way we can easily use the API to schedule one time releases. This is coming from healthcare industry were we cannot simply commit to master and let the release go(too much red tape :frowning: )

Hi @Alfredo-Moreira
there is a very old issue raised for such use-case. But this is still not implemented.
You need to use some kind of workaround. For example specify the date and time using the custom cron option and then check for a year in the pipeline.
You can also have some kind of cron job that checks and removes old scheduled pipelines.
I would create another project with script that gets existing scheduled pipelines for specific projects and delete the schedules that are older than current date.

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