Create Gitlab tickets in Slack

Is it possible to create a ticket in GitLab with an /issue command in Slack?
I saw this in this YouTube video: at 1:30.

You can offcourse write your own plugin, but if there is an existing solution that would save a lot of time. Searched for GitLab plugins in Slack en via Google, but can’t find anything else then setting up webhooks from GitLab to Slack just for notifications.

Thank you for your time!

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I know there is an issue on the issue tracker about creating them from email. Creating them from Slack and Mattermost seems like a great idea.

There is a create issue API, and if you do write a plugin, it could even get contributed into the project saving everybody else lots of time. Might only take you a few hours, are you up for it? :slight_smile:

I found the existing issue tracker where “Chat-Ops” (create issue from slack or mattermost) is discussed: