Create "scheduled" pipeline to only be triggered manually

Creating a “scheduled” pipeline that will only be triggered manually

While pytest is run against our code at every checkin, we would like to run some combinations of pytest options (profiling and/or code coverage) only on an as-needed basis. I’ve created a number of scheduled jobs that pass a variable through the YAML/Makefile/tox chain and appropriately configure the pytest invocation. However, I only want these jobs to be triggered on an as-needed basis. But it looks like some sort of valid cron configuration is required by the Scheduling Pipelines GUI. Is there some workaround I’m missing?

Note I tried to schedule a job “far in the future”; e.g.:

  • 0 0 30 2 1 (Feb 30; i.e. never) - rejected as illegal
  • 0 0 29 2 1 (Leap year day on Monday) - next should be 2044, but GUI says it will be run in Feb 2022.

I can change the second solution every so often to advance the date, but is there a better way of accomplishing this?