Crossliniking doesn't work for sub projects

I have two projects undre the same group. (project 1 and project2)

One of the two projects (project1 has subprojects).
The subproject is called subproject1

The hierarchy is as follow:

  • Group
    • Project1
      • subproject1
      • subproject2
    • Project2

If I refer to GItlab Documentation, it says that if the projects are under the same group, the commit must include the project name. ( Project2#xxx )
When commiting in Git in subproject1, I try to make link with an issue in Project2.
=> That didn’t work.

The only way to make it work is to include the group name in the commit. It looks like:

Is this the expected behaviour? or probably Gitlab consider subproject and projects not in the same group?

Thank you.

Yes, what you’re experiencing does seem to be how things are supposed to work, even if the documentation doesn’t clearly say so. It looks like GitLab needs you to be more specific by including the group name when you’re trying to link things between projects and subprojects in the same group. This method helps make sure everything connects correctly, which is particularly important when you have a lot of projects and subprojects grouped together.