Custom domain on saas? (for repository, not pages)

Is there a way to use a custom domain while being hosted by gitlab (saas)?
I’d gladly pay to support this open source alternative, but I don’t want my project to publicly use the domain, only my own (but still using gitlab’s infrastructure) .
I’m talking about the repository/instance. I already know I can have a domain for pages, which is not the topic of my question.

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If you want to use your own domain then install gitlab-ce or gitlab-ee on your own server.

Hi @Seb-C
Heavily depending on your use-case and why you want to hide the you could theoretically place a reverse proxy in front for your custom domain that would do the url rewrite behind the scenes.

I expect that a reverse proxy would be broken in many ways, and the goal is to not maintain any infrastructure by myself anyway.

I’ll try to find a somewhat managed host, but I’d prefer my money to go to the developers of gitlab instead…