Custom fonts with GitLab pages

I am trying to set custom fonts for my website. I have managed to do it locally with a css-html pair. The code can be seen in this repository: निरंजन / webfonts-en · GitLab

If you simply clone/download the repository and open the index.html locally; you can see the font being correctly loaded, but OTOH when I try to open the GitLab-deployed page (which is found here: it gives me a 404. Whereas the pipelines are totally clean and error-less: Pipeline · निरंजन / webfonts-en · GitLab

I must have done something wrong. Can anyone suggest the correct way of loading custom fonts?

Hi @niruvt

I think you need to rename test.html to index.html. Notice that this URL gives a 200/OK: Hello world


Thanks! This worked.

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