Custom issue trackers

Hello - i have a question regarding “Custom issue trackers” There is no documentation about this specific configuration screen (only dedicated tutorial for Redmine, Jira, Bugzilla available here :

I want to create link with YouTrack issue tracker. Connection between YouTrack ==> Gitlab is working correctly (commits in gitlab are being pinned to YouTrack issues) and now i want connection Gitlab ==> Youtrack (so, that if i see commit on gitlab with message pointing to some issue - this issue will be visible as link pointing to YouTrack issue)

There is funcionality to configure custom issue tracker (https://[gitlab_url]/[project]/services/custom_issue_tracker/edit) Is this the right place for doing that ?

There is section “Trigger” and there is information:
“Push Event will be triggered by a push to the repository”

I don’t understand what kind of events you are thinking about ? From my understanding - such funcionality should only generate specific urls if some commit is referring some issue. Could you explain a little more ?

Fields: “Issues url” and “New issue url” are self explainatory but field : “project url” is unclear for me. We have multiple projects in YT (and all of them access the same repository and the same project in gitlab) What is this information for ?

Thanks in advance for anwser :slight_smile:

No one have any clue ?:slight_smile:

Anyone ?