Custom names for pods,mounted paths,etc. for the Runner deployed using helm chart

@hchouraria , @gitlab , @steveazz , @stanhu , @olearycrew

Is it possible to assign custom names using gitlab-runner helm chart?
custom names for:
runner’s pod names
" metadata:
name: {{ include “gitlab-runner.fullname” . }} "— how to change this to assign custom pod names?

mounted paths names (for example change " /home/gitlab-runner/.gitlab-runner/certs/ " to "/home/runner-workspace/.runner-files/certs/ ") ?

" image: {{ include “gitlab-runner.image” . }} " — in this, where is the image getting pulled from? And where is that image location URL referred, in which file the actual URL was declared?
If we want to store the image inside our registry and point to that location, what needs to be changed (this is to have everything offline setup) ?

just like above, how to give custom names (names to pods & mounted paths & URLs of image location, certs location, etc.) for anything we want, using gitlab-runner’s helm chart deployment method or Docker executor deployment method? (this is to have completely offline setup with all custom configurations).
Please help.

@hchouraria , @stanhu , @steveazz
Could you please help with this query?