Custom Project Templates option not available in self-hosted CE instance

I am running a local instance of GitLab CE and want to set up a custom project template containing a standard folder structure and a few boiler plate files so new projects all follow a consistent structure.

Problem is that the Custom Project Templates option is not visible/available in the groups->settings->general options

Any thoughts?

Hi @briandee67
Custom Project Templates are Premium and higher. They are not available in CE or EE Free

Thanks @balonik,

Is it possible to upgrade a self-hosted instance to a premium version?

@briandee67 not the CE version. You need to re-deploy using the EE version and then you can buy+activate the license.

@briandee67 It is possible to upgrade gitlab-ce to gitlab-ee. It’s also possible to downgrade gitlab-ee to gitlab-ce on your own server.