Custom report page


Is there a way for me to add a personal PHP page in GitLab, where what I would require is the UserID?

I did read the materials on the “Pages” functionality but I could not find what I need.

I wish to create a specific report for a specific user without him needing to log into another domain in order to review the report as well as some administrative reports that are to be taken out of “cloc” and others.
Is there a possibility to place a page somewhere and link it to somewhere inside, so the user could access it?
I believe that I would be able to take the UserID from the session?



I don’t think that embedding a custom page is possible, neither re-using the user session (as a matter of security, and technical incompatibilities).

If you “only” need the login capabilities, you could use GitLab as SSO with OpenID & oauth

Then connect your PHP app form to it, with using some reference implementation libraries.

If your PHP form needs specific data from GitLab itself, I’d recommend fetching it via REST API or GraphQL.

If you can share the code snippets for PHP you already had created, we might have deeper a look.