Custom Visibility Level

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to create custom visibility levels for GitLab. This would be distinct from groups, as our company has company wide categories of users who can/can’t see various repositories.

Here’s an example use case:

  1. A collection of repositories, all of which belong to different groups (eg. manufacturing/repoa, software/repob, support/repoc) can only be viewed by a certain category of users, say users who have received a certain training or accreditation. Users who have received this training are in a training_cleared group in LDAP.

  2. For each repo that is affected, I can change the visibility level to “Training Received” rather than public/private/internal.

Any idea how I may achieve this?

Thank you.

Users can be granted access based on individual project membership or the membership of the encompassing GitLab group. LDAP group members don’t flow into GitLab groups. The LDAP integration supports authentication of users rather than authorisation within projects and GitLab groups.

You could grant each individual user access to each individual project, within the different groups, when they have received their training.

This could be facilitated by a script to add the user who has just received their training to the individual projects using the API