Data Migration From Support / Heldpesk / Ticket System

Has anyone migrated from a support/helpdesk/ticketing system and included more than just issue titles/descriptions?

I would like to pull in the author/assignee/status/notes/attachments etc

Is there a standard tool/process GitLab use to onboard new customers and migrate data from existing systems?


Could you use one of the GitLab importers to import the tickets into GitLab? For example, the Fogbugz importer makes API calls to import bug reports from that system into GitLab issues.

I know Professional Services also use a home-grown Python tool called Congregate to import Bitbucket projects into GitLab.

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Thanks Stan, that has helped me to find a few more resources. It definitely looks like this might be an area we could improve on documentation :slight_smile:

For reference: GitLab Group Migration (&2771) · Epics · · GitLab is a good starting point.

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What kind of support/helpdesk/ticketing systems do you expect? While you were referring GitLab-to-GitLab migration in this thread, is that what you mean?

We built our existing helpdesk system in-house. It is not a well known, off the shelf package, but does exhibit much of the standard behaviour.

The main things we want to migrate being Issues with their corresponding notes and attachments.

We have almost finished writing a script to do this now, but seems something common that should have a re-usable solution :slight_smile:

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