Data not restored after re-creating Gitlab instance

I have an installation of Gitlab on AWS. I have its data on EFS and mounted to /mnt/gitlab. Gitlab is configured to look to /mnt/gitlab. After recreating my instance, my data is still in /mnt/gitlab (EFS) but doesn’t appear in the Gitlab UI.

For example, I can still see my old repository called “example1” in the /mnt/gitlab/gitlab-data/repositories/username/example1 location, but I don’t see it on the UI. If I try to create a repository called example1 in the UI, it tells me I can’t because there’s already a repository with that name on the disk.

How can I restore the repo data from the disk to the Gitlab UI?

Finally, my users have disappeared - they no longer exist in the postgresql DB. What should I do to not lose them when I recreate my instance in the future?