Deactivated users should be visible and could be add to a project

A user can be deactivated after a 90 day period of non active work on the gitlab service.

A deactivated user will not receive notifications from the gitlab service and can not be add to a any project.

For the owner of a project who want to give abilitation to a deactivated it is a complicated process to contact the deactivated user , ask him to connect again on the gitlab service, waiting for his reaction and finally give him abilitation to the project.

My suggestion:

  • By default deactivated users are not visible when a project owner would like to give him abilitation to a project
  • There is a bow in the add user window that the project owner can activate to see deactivated users and be allowed to add him to the project.

The advantage of this proposal are:

  • project owner are aware that the user is deactivated, and it his responsability to inform him that he is a new project member
  • the process to add a deactivated user is largely simplified.