Debian package ultra slow to download


Everytime i update gitlab-ce I get really slow download speed on the package coming from your servers

Get:1 jessie/main gitlab-ce amd64 8.11.0-ce.0 [297 MB]
88% [1 gitlab-ce 263 MB/297 MB 88%] 40.7 kB/s 1

Downloading from Switzerland, Geneva with servers hosted by Infomaniak (pro hosting) on 100mb links, ran speedtest to various server and the results are correct. Servers are running debian 8.

Could you help me figure out why is it so slow ?

Best regards,


still happening today

Get:1 jessie/main gitlab-ci-multi-runner amd64 1.5.2 [26.0 MB]
44% [1 gitlab-ci-multi-runner 11.5 MB/26.0 MB 44%] 60.7 kB/s 3min 59s