Default_replication_factor for praefect virtual storage

We’ve missed that praefect configuration would change in 16.0. Luckily I tried installing 16.0 in a test environment first and found out there that our configuration wouldn’t work.

The problem is that I’m not quite satisfies with the migration documentation. In our current setup we have

praefect['virtual_storages'] = {
  'default' => {
    'default_replication_factor' => 2,

and I can’t see in the documentation where default_replication_factor is supposed to be. In the new format praefect['configuration']/virtual_storage is an array, so it doesn’t make sense to put it there, and it’s not related to any of the specific storages so it doesn’t belong there either. But where does it belong?

answers it, it makes sense (perhaps not the default in the name) to set it for each storage.