Default root password problem with AWS EC2 GitLab Ubuntu AMI


Please help with GitLab issue with root password.

In AWS cloud I deployed EC2 instance for Gitlab server on AWS cloud using this AMI:

After starting EC2 instance I ssh to EC2 instance and updated Ubuntu OS:
sudo apt-get update

To change root password I edited the file /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and set the password on this line and saved the file:
gitlab_rails[‘initial_root_password’] =

Confirmed the password using this command:
sudo cat /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb | grep -i root

Stopped and started GitLab server. When I try to login as root I get 500 error.

I ran this command to update root password. Still getting 500 error when login.
sudo gitlab-rake ‘gitlab:password:reset[root]’

Root password didn’t get updated in the file /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

Thank you


can you share the HTTP 500 error context from the logs? This means that something is wrong on the server side, maybe a typo in the configuration, or otherwise missing quotes.


Hi @dnsmichi Thanks for your response. I was unable to share log files without sanitizing those first. Documentation in this link did not work in my AWS infrastructure: AWS implementation patterns | GitLab and it caused confusion.

I got the default root password using this command on GitLab Linux server. I keep using this when I need to login as root to do admin work:
sudo cat /etc/gitlab/initial_root_password

ubuntu@ip-NNN-MM-LL-KKK:~$ sudo cat /etc/gitlab/initial_root_password

WARNING: This value is valid only in the following conditions

1. If provided manually (either via GITLAB_ROOT_PASSWORD environment variable or via gitlab_rails['initial_root_password'] setting in gitlab.rb, it was provided before database was seeded for the first time (usually, the first reconfigure run).**

2. Password hasn’t been changed manually, either via UI or via command line.**

If the password shown here doesn’t work, you must reset the admin password following Reset a user's password | GitLab**

Password: xxxyyzzzaaabbbcccdddeee

NOTE: This file will be automatically deleted in the first reconfigure run after 24 hours.**


Try typing url directly to admin console after you login?

Like this:

It takes me to the admin area, dashboard.

The log lines from the timestamp when the HTTP 500 happens in the browser would be helpful. Plus minus 10 lines. Otherwise, I don’t know how we can help investigate further.