Default root password

Hello, I just installed gitlab on my Synology in Docker with the image gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest.

The installation went fine and I can bring up the page. It is asking me for a userame/password to log in. All the guides I see out on the net show it should prompt me to set the root password… but it doesn’t. Is there a set default username/password on this image?

The attached image is what comes up right after installation. Thanks for any help!!

I just deleted the container and rebuilt it from scratch and I’m still not given the opportunity to create the root password. Same login screen.

I haven’t tried installing GitLab with docker, but the documentation for doing so

speaks about the initial root password.


IIRC Synology ships its own outdated Docker container image for gitlab-ce. Can you share the steps on the terminal you used to run the container, specifically where the image is coming from?