While working on a script with a co-worker to automatically deactivate users that are not active, we noticed several fields that are not straight forward. Unfortunately I’ve found that there is no clear definition for the following terms within GitLab documentation. Could someone help fill in the blanks or point me to the document where the definition is located. We are on version 12.10.3-ee. Thanks!

active users = total accounts - blocked users

created_at: date that user was created




last_activity_at: (deprecated)

last_activity_on: (The activities that update the timestamp are:)
Git HTTP/SSH activities (such as clone, push)
User logging in to GitLab
User visiting pages related to Dashboards, Projects, Issues, and Merge Requests (introduced in GitLab 11.8)
User using the API
User using the GraphQL API

last_activity_at & last_activity_on