Delayed email notifications for merge request activity from GitLab SaaS

Some of our team members are getting very delayed email notifications for activity from GitLab SaaS. This includes merge request activity like

  • close/open an MR
  • change MR status to draft/ready
  • push commits to MR
  • review comments posted on MR
  • pipeline has passed/failed on an MR

The activity happens at time X, and we get an email notification very late, for example, at X + 15minutes, or at X + 2 hours, etc.

It is slowing down collaboration because - for example - when commits are pushed/comments are posted, the reviewer needs to do another review of the MR, but often the reviewer does not get an email notification until an hour or two have already passed.

Delayed email notifications also creates confusion - because the email notification don’t contain the timestamp of when the activity happened. So I can get a notification about a MR being merged right now, but the merge has already happened two hours ago.

Are there workarounds for getting more reliable notifications? And is this issue happening to other users as well?

There is an active incident for email delivery on GitLab SaaS GitLab System Status Might be the root cause, if you encountered the problem this week for the first time.

Thanks. I feel I started having the issue a day or two before 16th Jan, but it’s good to know that this incident is being tracked actively.

Thanks for confirming, and sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve added a comment into the incident issue, linking here for visibility. 2024-01-16: Email Delays (#17404) · Issues · / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production · GitLab