Delayed git push and pull with Windows and Mobile Internet

Ever since switching to a mobile broadband provider (Verizon), any git push or pull command takes 22 to 23 seconds to complete on Windows machines. Meanwhile Linux machines do not experience this delay (just 2 to 3 seconds to complete a push/pull).

Troubleshooting Steps so Far
Using a VPN or proxy on a Windows machine will bypass the issue.
The issue is consistent across other computers using the same Verizon IP. The behavior is only with gitlab and not with github.

It seems the combination of a Verizon or CGNAT IP along with a Windows user agent is triggering a 20 second delay. Perhaps due to a cloudflare DDOS check?
I also run Selenium and Scrapy tests locally which could cause a false positive as a malicious bot. But I’ve yet to have similar issues with other sites or services.

Any ideas on additional troubleshooting steps?