Deleting a project - how to do?

New to this, I’ve managed to create a number of test-projects to get a feel for the workflow.
However, by now I’d like to clean up, and remove the unneeded projects.

But how? Having logged on to, I see the projects in my UI and can navigate - but find no hints to deletion anywhere.

I’ve tried searching this forum for clues, but once again come up empty, looking for hints to the seemingly simple task of deleting an unused/unneeded project from gitlab’s server. Removing files (leaving their history behind i assume), deleting users and many other thwarts are covered in varying detail, but not the most basic one: consigning a project to the servers’ /dev/null. Permanent oblivion!

Am I missing something, obvious to everyone else?

Puzzled greets,

Hi @mafiltenborg
go to each project you want to delete and navigate to Settings → General and expand Advanced section.

D’oh! There WAS something I’d missed.

Thanks a bundle :slight_smile: