Deleting uploaded file w/ sensitive data

Hello everyone,

I mistakingly uploaded a video file to a comment in a project which contained sensitive personal information, and I would like to delete it. I removed the link from the comment, but the file is still accessible through the link.

Is there any way to do that?


Have you tried recreating a file under different name(or just delete it) and then delete the original file,push the changes therefore breaking the link?

Also if you haven’t gone to far with your branch you can also do a rebase of your local commit and then force push the changes to gitlab.
Rebase changes the history of git repository on local, force push overruns that on remote (in your case Gitlab).

hey thanks for your reply.

I think you’re talking about files in git repos, right?

my problem is with a file that is uploaded to a comment of an issue.

Yeah i am. I never had experience with the issue like yours.

If the link is not available visibly anymore for anyone else after you removed the link i would change the sensitive the personal information so that the old info can’t be used against you. If you attached a file to an actual comment, you can just delete the comment however you mentioned that you added the file through link so i don’t think that’s the issue.

i’m sure that you somehow can break that link. I’m not sure how you uploaded that link but for example in my case (i use Dropbox often) when I want to disable the link or just remove it from being accessible, I delete/move/rename the file from it’s original location.