Deletion of second issue tracker Integration not possible

We use Gitlab CE .
By default it is only possible to have on active integration as issue tracker. We used to have Redmine as issue tracker. Now we have Jira as issue tracker. Usually Gitlab allows only one active issue tracker. Somehow due to updates some projects are now in a state that we have two active issue trackers, Jira and Redmine. In each tracker the checkbox to disable the issue tracker is checked and disabled. And each integration shows a messages " Another issue tracker is already in use. Only one issue tracker integration can be active at a time. Please disable the active tracker first and try again."

So it seems that it is not possible to disable the old Redmine integation via GUI. Is there a way to disable the integration via cli?

I have tried with the hint given in this thread: Error: Another issue tracker is already in use and modified the script for rails console to search for redmine. But that did not work.

Any Idea how to delete the redmine integration in rails?

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As a reference i share the rails script i have used:

Find all project IDs with more a Redmin service record

Service.where(type: “Redmine”).group(:project_id) {|_, v| v > 0}.keys.each { |key|

For each Project


Skip if project is nil

next if p.nil?

Get all Readmin IDs for Project p

p.integrations.where(type: “Redmine”).each { |s|
# For each ID destroy

p = Project.find_by_sql(“SELECT FROM projects p LEFT JOIN services s ON = s.project_id WHERE s.type = ‘Redmine’ AND = true”)

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How did you run the script? I have exactly same problem and every time I try to run this script I get uninitialized constant Service (NameError):

irb(main):001:1* Service.where(type: “Redmine”).group(:project_id) {|_, v| v > 0}.keys.each { |key|
irb(main):002:1* puts key
irb(main):003:0> }
(irb):1:in `': uninitialized constant Service (NameError)

We found crazy solution:

Here we edit the setting in dom:

Then save and one integration is disabled.

Now having one integration, we disable redmine with custom settings:

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