Dependency proxy not caching whole image but just manifests

I set up gitlab dependncy proxy for my gitlab instance with S3 (radosgw) backend. I tried to cache some image so i run pipeline to build customized image. I used images like: $CI_DEPENDENCY_PROXY_DIRECT_GROUP_IMAGE_PREFIX/docker:dind

Everything looks good. Image was resolved, downloaded, job succeeded … but … 0 blobs cached:

I can see in S3 that there are manifests but no blobs.

# s3cmd ls --recursive s3://gitlab-prod-dependencyproxy
2023-10-10 17:28         3133  s3://gitlab-prod-dependencyproxy/6f/4b/6f4b6612125fb3a0daecd2799dfd6c9c299424fd920f9b308110a2c1fbd8f443/dependency_proxy/21/files/3/docker:dind.json
2023-10-10 17:28         3466  s3://gitlab-prod-dependencyproxy/6f/4b/6f4b6612125fb3a0daecd2799dfd6c9c299424fd920f9b308110a2c1fbd8f443/dependency_proxy/21/files/4/apache/superset:3.0.0.json

My gitlab version is: 16.4.1

Can you please tell me what’s wrong? Why there are only manifests? :thinking:

Many thanks