Dependent jobs randomly skipped if the dependency failed and was restarted

I’ve recently experienced an inconsistent behavior of my build pipelines (recent update?)

I have a multi-stage pipeline with many dependencies, defined with ‘needs’.

I’ve been observing, that when a job fails, and succeeds after restart, the jobs that define that job in their ‘needs’ are randomly marked as ‘skipped’ and the whole pipeline is blocked (I have no option to start that jobs, only starting the whole pipeline works).

I have never recently got issues, and restarting failed jobs is something that happens on daily basis (network problems or changes in configuration repositories often cause job failures in the development phase).

Unfortunately, I’m unable to find any rule when the jobs are skipped (it’s random for me).

Can it be caused by mixing ‘dependency’ and ‘needs’ in one CI?


We are seeing similar behavior and I’ve just drawn the conclusion that other skipped jobs are not reevaluated if I do “Retry job” but they are if I do “Retry pipeline”.
I have not identified any way to solve this though.

Same issue here, very annoying.

Same thing here, after a job fails and I retry it all of dependent jobs are skipped for no reason