Deploy Boards - "Kubernetes deployment not found". Gitlab managed cluster, and annotations set

Deployment boards are not showing the pods that have been deployed to. Instead I am getting the following error under all environments:

All annotations have been set on the deployment manifest as follows:

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  namespace: __KUBE_NAMESPACE__

In my deployment pipeline, I am using sed to replace the place holders and I can see this is working when I cat out the final manifest yaml.

Extract from the CI yaml file below for staging:

When I check the deployment using kubectl on the actual cluster, I get the following:


The annotations are being set correctly and they mirror the CI variables.

Additionally, when I audit the requests and responses to the API, I can see the request from gitlab being received, and the response sent back from the API:

Request to list the pods from the gitlab sourceIP:

The response back clearly listing one pod as expected, with the correct namespace and annotations:

I am completely out of ideas as to why this is not working correctly. The API is sending all the correct data back to gitlab. Is there something obvious I’m missing?


I’m exactly in the same situation as yours. Deployment, pods and replicasets are annotated correctly.
Do you find any solutions to your problem ?

I try to clear the cluster cache via Gitlab, but nothing change…