Deploy java apps to jboss from .gitlab-ci.yaml

Hi team,
I am new to Gitlab, Please forgive my basic mistake.
I have java apps I have built the code and got ear now I want to deploy my ear file to JBoss from CICD script (.gitlab-ci.yml).

Following are the script I found to use but since I don’t have access on the server to check their configuration for the below script. such as how they are executing (when I executed this script in my cicd it says not found) , what is hostname, how they have configured ip etc, what are the content of pwd file etc…

allow_failure: false
- build-sit
- sit-gcp-runner
stage: deploy-sit
name: sit
- branches
- tags
- “ --controller=hostname:9999 --connect file=pwd/deployment/undeploy-qq.cmd”
- “unzip -P ${ENCRYPT_PASSWORD}”
- “ --controller=hostname:9999 --connect file=pwd/deployment/deploy-qq.cmd”

Kindly help how and what is the configuration I need to do on my server to use the above script to deploy my apps to jboss, or please help me if there is any other and easy way to deploy my apps to jboss from .gitlab-ci.yaml



I’m wondering where you got the script from. A quick guess would be that this script expects an endpoint controller where it should upload something and the connect-file which instructs on the deployment with the cmd file.

Where did you copy the configuration from? I have rusty Java knowledge, so one of my next questions would be - how do you build and deploy your code without GitLab now - e.g. on your terminal?


Hi Michael,
Thank you very much for your response.
I got the code from different project of the client but since I don’t have access on those server where cIient used this script to deploy code, I can’t check the content etc.
No, I am not building the code from terminal I am building it from my CICD scripts.
Below is my scripts to build the code, build is passing there is no issue with the build, I need to deploy it now to jboss. I don’t know how.?

Thank you

- “cd ACRA/Code/acra-qq-core”
- “mvn clean install -P sit”
- “cd …/…/…/”
- echo “********** BUILD SUCCESSFULL************”