Deploy Spring Boot with Gitlab CI

Hello to all !

First offre all, I’m realy sorry for my bad english, I’m notre realy good.

Actually I have a Spring Boot 2 application (web application) with maven and MySQL.

Ok, after, for testing, I have a Synology NAS with tomcat, or Docker app.

I want to use gitlab ci to deploy my web application on m’y NAS.

I could build a War or à Jar file. Abd actually m’y config file marke 3 steps : mysql connect, build with mvn package and docker build (I find it in a tuto, but I don’t realy understand what is it).

Could you help me to use thé best way to deploy on my Synology ?

And can I have 2 tasks, 1 for testing profile and 1 for production (2 différents properties : jdbc login ans pour password, paths, etc)

Thanks you for tour help.