Deployed to Gitlab Pages, still unavailable after more than 12 hours

I successfully deployed a Hugo blog project to GitLab Pages yesterday, but even after 12+ hours it isn’t available, i.e. its designated URL 404s.

Could anyone help me troubleshoot why it won’t come up? AFAICT, I’ve done everything correctly.

I was able to get it published now - I can’t tell for sure, but I’m pretty certain it’s because I changed the project’s visibility to public instead of private. I also had to make another deploy after making it public, before it came up. I noticed the same behaviour with another project, so I guess this more or less confirms that there’s a bug with GitHub Pages and private projects?

@aknudsen Welcome to the forum!

The visibility level of the project shouldn’t matter as the deployment will be public regardless. On your first deployment there is usually a delay of ~30 minutes or so that we’re working on reducing, but I’ve never personally seen it take longer than that.

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But I saw that it took more than a day, and it only got published after I changed visibility to public and redeployed. I also experienced a previous project to only get published after I changed its visibility to public. Is this purely coincidence?

Have you tested publishing a private project to verify that it works?

Hi @aknudsen,

A deploy time more than 30-60 minutes is abnormal. I’ve never seen it take longer than a couple hours. Has this happened before?
I’m not sure why it would take this long, but I can confirm that Private projects are visible in Pages form.

This Private Jekyll project was forked and deployed to pages in ~5 minutes:

A fork of your personal-blog project, also set to private was built and deployed on GitLab Pages in ~20 minutes:

I deleted this fork after testing, but here’s a screenshot:

I can confirm that setting a project to “Private” will not limit the accessibility of the GitLab Pages deployment.

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hi @gitlab-greg, it has happened to me once before, and then I experienced the same thing, i.e. that I had to make the project public and re-deploy it before it was published. Is there any way to see why GitLab hasn’t published a project yet?

i need a help 9Apps
Been trying to setup a simple HTML site and tried both writing my own HTML and forking a different project. But I’m still getting a 404 message when I check my Gitlab pages. I’ve seen posts about delays, anyone else having or has had this experience that might want to provide a little guidance?