Deploying gitlab-ce to kubernetes on AWS EC2 using ELB

I have been tasked to migrate our gitlab omnibus install to a new more resilient HA solution hosted on a self managed kubernetes cluster that uses EC2 and ELB.

The documentation says that we should use the official helm chart to do this deployment…

I have been able to deploy the helm chart on the cluster using this command.

helm upgrade --install gitlab gitlab/gitlab
–timeout 600

I setup a DNS URL for the service using a CNAME to the elb name, this however did not work.
I initially thought that the cluster was at fault so deployed a basic app with an ELB and when I did the same as above the service was available.

There is something within the gitlab helm chart that is breaking the use of an ELB.
Is it possible to use the helm chart on AWS at all?
I also use LetsEncrypt currently for our single omnibus install and would like to use this here as well.
The documentation states that this is not possible with ELB.
I have other projects using LE on kubernetes so I know it is not a problem with LE on K*'s but something gitlab specific.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can solve my problems?


I’m encountering a similar problem and was wondering if you found a solution at the end?

Kind regards,