Deprecate Terraform CI/CD templates in 2025

So in these docs it says terraform will no longer be supported in gitlab in 2025:

We honestly have a lot in terraform - migrating away would not be very practical and would severely hinder development progress on other fronts. Is there a way to keep using terraform if this change occurs? Or will we need to move to another repo provider like bitbucket?

From what I read, you do have an option:

The templates are linked there, which I’ve copied here: / Terraform Images · GitLab

The container images also from that same project can be pulled and pushed to your own registry: Container Registry · / Terraform Images · GitLab

You may wish to check the entire project in case there is something else needed other than the templates and images. The deprecation effectively means Gitlab is no longer going to manage and maintain it, you basically will have to clone all of that and manage it yourself which may also mean you’ll have to update them in the future if something stops working.

Terraform changed their license recently to BuSL, where OpenTofu was forked into a new Open Source project, supported by the Linux foundation.

On my private infrastructure, I have used Terraform and recently switched to OpenTofu. The main difference is the hcl lock files format when running tofu init, everything else works as drop-in replacement so far (syntax, variables, dependencies, etc.).

The GitLab deprecation docs recommend using the OpenTofu CI/CD templates, or the new OpenTofu CI/CD Component. Their docs provide an extensive migration guide from the Terraform CI/CD Templates.

I’d suggest trying the OpenTofu template or component with one of your projects, and verify it works as expected.

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