Determine edition (CE/EE) through API end point

We have connected all APIs of GitLab CE and EE to our tools and it works great. Nice to see how both on-premise version as can be accessed and performance is great, especially when compared to some other offerings for APIs.

However, although every user has access to his me:

select name, state, can_create_group, can_create_project, projects_limit from me

in which an app can find some information what is possible, I struggle to find a way to determine what edition is running (commercial or enterprise). Our app likes to be responsive to this, for instance by the API differences but also because I want the apps to provide more features for free when used in combination with community edition (we have a “MVO” (Dutch) policy).

The license end point seems to contain something when enterprise edition, but this one is only available for admins.

Is there any way for a connected API user to retrieve the edition?

If not, consider this as a suggestion to add “edition” to the me end point.

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