Determining Design Patterns

Hi All -

Non-developer in here and totally lost as we transition from one developer to another. I need to determine the design patterns within our source code and after days of research, I am not totally sure I have it right. Are there tools out there where I can paste in examples of our code and the design pattern is determined?

Thanks for the help!

Hi @gina.c_1

this isn’t really a GitLab specific question, but the short answer is “no”. Depending on what languages / technologies you are using, you might be able to generate something like a class diagram, or an ER diagram for a database, which may help.

Design patterns are more of a conceptual idea, and whilst you perhaps could try to recognise them automatically, I’m not sure that it would really be useful to do so.

A better option would be to ask your developers to write up some “contributing” or “getting started” documentation on the code base, and keep it up to date. This does take time though, especially for a developer that’s new to the code.