DevOps is at the center of GitLab


Over the past months and years, together we have built the One DevOps Platform. There are many ways in which GitLab as The One DevOps Platform helps customers evolve their DevOps landscape and deliver better results for their organizations.

One interface
One data store
One permissions model
One value stream
One set of reports
One spot to secure your code
One location to deploy to any cloud
One place for everyone to contribute
One platform

To reinforce this moment, we are evolving our logo. At GitLab, one of our values is iteration and DevOps is at the center of everything we do. In the spirit of iteration, our Tanuki logo is evolving to reflect our commitment to the DevOps lifecycle. The new logo places GitLab at the center of the DevOps infinity loop. I am pleased that we chose to iterate instead of a step change – staying true to our values.

You can read more about The One DevOps Platform and the logo update in Sid’s blog post: DevOps is at the center of GitLab | GitLab The One DevOps Platform


…is it only me hearing …

one to rule them all


Just kidding; GitLab is f*cking awesome :wink: