Different default number of projects for different users

I have a GitLab instance with LDAP users from our business, but some of our groups collaborate with external users, and some internal users should be able to log in but not create projects. Several groups should be able to make projects at will.

Is there any way to configure GitLab to achieve this? At the moment I have things set up for the groups who create projects, and I hope that users not in those groups won’t click New Project. There are too many of each type of user to do all this manually.

I suppose my ideal solution would involve classifying only a subset of the LDAP users as internal and having all the other LDAP users be treated as external, along with our collaborators, then set default number of projects to 0 for external and, say, 1000 for internal.


Iain Hallam.

EDIT: GitLab community edition 8.12.1 on CentOS 7

Actually, an additional step would be to allow full staff access to make lots of projects, but restrict some groups like trainees to a much lower number while they’re learning.